Pray in May

Every day in the month of May, we are asking Alameda members to pray specific prayers for our church family.

We have a lot of changes happening over the next several months, and what better way to approach this upcoming period of transition and connection than with prayer! We would love for all of you to intentionally pray with us every day this month.

You can find the complete prayer schedule listed below, and we'll also post these prayers daily on our social media platforms.

We are also providing a digital copy to download and keep on your phone or to print out and hang up at home!

Download your digital copy HERE.


May 1: Pray for our high school graduates as they make plans for the future.

May 2: Pray for our college graduates, that they find jobs that will lead them to fulfilling careers. 

May 3: Pray for the elders as they conduct the youth minister search.

May 4: Pray for the Celebrate Recovery Ministry as it transitions to new leadership.

May 5: Pray for a reconnection among Alameda members.

May 6: Pray for our church family to increase our focus on Scripture so that we can live and grow as disciples of Christ who are making disciples for Christ.

May 7: Pray for the families who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19. Pray for peace and comfort for them as they transition to life without their loved ones. 

May 8: Pray that our college students can go out into the workforce and shine the light of Christ to those they meet.

May 9: Pray for our high school graduates, that they will continue to follow Jesus Christ in this new chapter of their lives.

May 10: Pray for the future youth minister, that he will lead our students to be strong followers of Jesus Christ.

May 11: Pray that those who are struggling with the obstacles of life will be moved to attend our Celebrate Recovery Ministry and be able to overcome those obstacles.

May 12: Pray for the Connections Ministry at Alameda, that it would be a blessing to the congregation. 

May 13: Pray for relationships to strengthen within our church family.

May 14: Pray for an end to the pandemic and a smooth transition back to regular activities without fear of the virus.

May 15: Pray for our college graduates as they make the transition from student to full-time employee.

May 16: Pray for our elders as they lead our church through this time of transition.

May 17: Pray for Lee Langdon as he transitions from youth ministry into the Connections Minister role.

May 18: Pray for the leadership team in Celebrate Recovery, that they can offer support and wisdom to those seeking recovery from life’s obstacles. 

May 19: Pray that as a church family we can encourage and help each other grow closer to Christ. 

May 20: Pray for our Bible classes at Alameda as we return to meeting in person on Sundays. 

May 21: Pray for unity within our church as we navigate a post-pandemic world. 

May 22: Pray for unity between Alameda and the community of Norman. 

May 23: Pray that the Connections Ministry will help give every person who attends Alameda a sense of belonging. 

May 24: Pray for our Bible class teachers beginning classes in June, that God will give them wisdom in their teaching.

May 25: Pray that those attending Bible classes on Sunday mornings will be equipped to share what they learn in class with those they encounter throughout the week.

May 26: Pray for our church to connect with the community and to be a light and source of encouragement to those in our area. 

May 27: Pray for a family from Alameda that you haven’t seen in a while. Pray for opportunities to reconnect with them. 

May 28: Pray that the transition of having a new youth minister goes smoothly for the new minister, the students, and the parents.

May 29: Pray for the ministry staff as they embrace a new dynamic with new ministers and ministry role changes.

May 30: Pray for growth within our ministries as we begin to slowly return to having more activities and gatherings. 

May 31: Pray for our church family to be unified in our mission to make Jesus known.