8 Days of Prayer

On Sunday, January 17th, we will begin a week of prayer for all individuals and families involved in our students ministries, which includes children of all ages, our youth students, our college students, parents of students, and volunteers in any of these ministries. 

We pray that God will hear our prayers, be with our students and families, and guide our ministry leaders as they navigate the challenges that have been brought about by the pandemic. 

We hope that you will pray with us each day.

Click the link below to download or print the prayer guide.



    Pray God would guide our students and teachers through the school challenges they are facing.


    Pray for our children and parents to seek God's guidance and peace. 


    Pray God would give our church leaders wisdom, courage, and creativity this year as they guide the church through relaunching our children and student ministry activities.


    Pray for ministry leaders and volunteers serving in our children's, youth, and college ministries. 

  • Thursday

    Pray for college students as they return to campus, that they would stay healthy and connected to each other and to the Alameda church family. 

  • Friday

    Pray for parents to share the gospel with their children and be active in helping grow their family's spiritual life. 

  • Saturday

    Pray for our student ministry families to be connected and encouraged by our church family. 

  • Sunday

    Pray that God will be glorified and Jesus will be made known through our children, students, and parents. That they will be a light to a weary and discouraged world.