What Are Heart Holds?

Each month, we will encourage our students and their families—and anyone else who would like to join us—to learn and master (or maybe relearn and refresh) something we call, “Heart Holds.” Heart Holds are specific and basic teachings that all Christians should be able to refer to at any moment. They may be items to memorize, or readings to read during the month, or concepts to understand and mentally grasp or to put into practice.  Each month will be a different type of something for you to “hold on to” to help you stay firm in your faith.


We need each generation to stay strong in the Lord and pass on their faith to the next generation. Parents and Grandparents, this is simply another way we can help pass our faith on to our children.  


If you join us, you will have the entire month to master the Heart Hold for that month and confirm that you have mastered it. If you master the Heart Hold for the month you will receive a button to show that you have completed it!


Our hope is that Heart Holds will encourage you daily and strengthen your heart so you will hold on tightly to your faith in Jesus, despite your current circumstance. For our children, our hope is that these Heart Holds encourage them to begin developing a habit of learning God's Word and His plan for their lives. As we work on Heart Holds together, may God strengthen our hearts so we will remain steadfast with him.


February: Memorize the books of the Old and New Testaments

March: Read through the Gospel of Luke

April: Read & Summarize the Parables of Jesus

May: Learn about Paul's Missionary Journeys

June: Read God's Covenants with His People

July: NO HEART HOLD - (Use this month to rest or catch up.)

August: Gospel Plan and Practice

September: Memorize the Lord's Prayer

October: Complete 2 Family Devotionals

November: Gratitude Challenge

December: Advent Readings