What Are You Thankful For?

Our Wednesday night Bible study video series is "What Are You Thankful For? An Extended Study," focusing on gratitude and our current Sunday sermon series with the same title.  

Each week, Preaching Minister Rusty Tugman will take a concept from Sunday's sermon and expand on that topic in our Wednesday night Bible study video. 

We will post each week's Bible study below to watch on demand at your convenience.


Reclaiming Joy

"Reclaiming Joy–An Extended Study," focuses on the book of Philippians and follows the Sunday sermon series with the same title.  (You can watch the sermon series here.)

In each episode, Preaching Minister Rusty Tugman takes a concept from the sermon series and expands on that topic in this Bible study video series. 


Walking with God at Work

In this Bible study video series, Preaching Minister Rusty Tugman focuses on the story of Daniel and what it teaches us about how to approach work.