Winterfest is February 12-13 - SCROLL DOWN TO REGISTER


Winterfest is February 12th & 13th right here at Alameda! 

Since we're not gathering in Arlington this year, we purchased session videos so that we can have our own Winterfest here in Norman!

The theme this year is "Truth Sessions," and the videos are packed full of great stuff, featuring speakers Josh McDowell, Jeff Walling, and Chris Seidman, along with other content by Daivd Bowden, the Skit Guys, Jared Hall, O'Chancey and songs recorded by United Voice Worship. You will be encouraged by what you see and hear!

Because we're having Winterfest at Alameda this year and not limited on space, we're able to invite parents too! We'd love for all Summit parents to join us for this Winterfest experience.

Cost is $20 for youth students

This includes food, a t-shirt, a special scholarship drawing and all the Winterfest content sent to your email!

Cost is $10 for parents

This includes food and a t-shirt.

Bring your Bible.

Covid Precautions:

-Masks will be required at all times except while eating.

-Hand sanitizer will be available.

-Proper physical distancing will be expected.


Register by Sunday, February 7th



6:00p         Pizza in the gym

7:00pm      Session 1

8:30pm      Dessert

9:00pm      Devotional & Debriefing

9:30pm      Go home and sleep!


9:00am      Session 2

10:30am    Breakfast (coffee, bagels, 


10:40am    Group Processing

11:00am     Session 3

12:15pm     Lunch in the gym

1:00pm       Excursion/Activity

3:00pm       Session 4

4:30pm       Devotional & Debriefing

5:00pm       Go home