Reclaiming Joy

On Sundays at 10 am, Preaching Minister Rusty Tugman is taking us through the sermon series called "Reclaiming Joy," which focuses on the book of Philippians.

To go alongside the Sunday sermon, we are providing additional resources for you to use throughout the rest of your week. Anytime we add resources, you'll find them below. 

1. Start a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) during this series. We have a 7-week DBS plan prepared that goes along with this series, so ask a few friends to study the book of Philippians with you each week!

Download the PDF here or pick up a DBS bookmark in the lobby. 

2. Watch our Wednesday night Bible study video series that is an extension of our Sunday morning series. Each Wednesday Rusty will take a concept from Sunday's sermon and expand on that topic. You can watch that video each week using the link above or watch it on our Facebook page

We'll have more resources available as we continue the sermon series, so keep an eye on this page for more!