Prayer & Scripture Experience

The purpose of our Prayer & Scripture Experience is to make a daily habit of reading God's word and spending time in prayer with God.

We started these monthly reading/prayer plans because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but these guides can be used anytime to help you start great habits that will strengthen your relationship with God. You can check out our previous reading/prayer plans below.

Click here for our 31-Day Prayer & Scripture Guide focusing on prayer & meditation.

For the Scripture experience, follow the guide above and read the passage that is listed for each day.

For the prayer experience, use the lectio divina method listed in the guide above. The latin phrase lectio divina means "divine reading," and it has come to represent a practice of reading, meditation, and prayer that promotes communion with God while also increasing one's knowledge of God's Word. It help a person listen to Scripture with the "ear of the heart." It is not the same as Bible study because it approaches Scripture with a more meditative posture. 

In lectio divina, we let go of our own words and let God speak to us. In this practice, the words of scripture become very alive and touch our hearts in spontaneous ways that lead us more deeply into relationship with God.

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