Our Purpose

The Summit Youth Ministry exists to help develop middle school and high school students into committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Structure

Two key components provide the backbone of the Summit Youth Ministry:

1. Discipleship (Focus Areas)

  • Bible Knowledge. Grow in your knowledge and understanding of the bible.
  • Commitment. Discover Jesus and fully commit your life to him.
  • Daily Walk. Learn to faithfully walk daily with Jesus and glorify him.
  • Personal Ministry. Learn to serve others with love and compassion.

2. Friendship (Environments)

  • Foyer. Connect with students and adults in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Living Room. Establish friendships, feel a part of the Summit, and begin to trust others with his/her heart.
  • Kitchen Table. Feel safe to deeply trust others and open up your heart without fear of judgment.

Parents: Fill out a 2022 Medical Release Form for your student

Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning Bible Class (S.M.B.C.) begins at 9 am in the Summit Youth room. We dig deep into God's word every Sunday morning. Our hope is that over time every student will learn the story of God in such a way that they can and will share it with everyone they know, at any time. 

We study the Old Testament and the New Testament, discovering more and more about God's covenants with his people. Come join us!


PEAK is on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays in the Family Life Center! We hang out together before the lesson & worship at 7 pm. At 8 pm, it's time to go home.

Summer Calendar!

We have a lot planned for the Summer. We have mission trips, service projects, Mystery Days, camp, and PEAK! Check out the schedule of events, and mark your calendars! 

Download the Summer Calendar


Online Resources for Parents:

This website constantly updates the top 20 songs played on the radio stations that most teens listen to. If you click on the play button you can hear the full unedited songs. This is a great way to keep up with what your teens are listening too and become familiar with the artist and the types of songs they sing.

So now you know what your teens are listening to but have no idea what the songs are saying? This website is a great way to find out just what those rappers are rhyming. All you need to know is the artist name to look up any song. This website also will usually play the song that goes with the lyrics you are looking up.

Plugged In

This Focus on the Family website could possibly be the best one out there to arm you the parents with information about movies, music, and TV shows. The best part about this site is that they always look for the positive elements in whatever media they are reviewing. It also tells you exactly the amount of language, violence, sexual content, nudity and other questionable content in each movie, show, or album.

This is another website that will help you stay up to date with some of the things your teen watches on the internet or on TV. Buzzfeed constantly updates their front page to reflecting the hottest trending topics and videos of the day. With the popularity of iPhones and other video equipped phones chances are high your teens will see most of the extremely popular videos that appear on this site.